The Light Fixture

New at InFusion Art Glass... and completely "Made in New England"

High-end wall sconces, utilizing the skill and craftsmanship of two unique artists.

The Glass Shades

The fixture is a direct wire wall sconce.  Ready to be mounted into your 4" electrical box.  Suitable for replacement of existing wall sconces or new construction.

Currently, Infusion Art Glass is offering two sizes of sconces;

       Shown above without glass and below with glass shades, is the larger size; approximately 6" high by 18" wide.

       Below, shown below with glass in place, is the smaller size; approximately 7" high by 8" wide

Large Glass Shade Examples (6" x 18")

Each glass shade is hand made by InFusion Art Glass in Nashua , New Hampshire.  So, naturally, each shade is unique.  More importantly, each shade can be custom made to your specifications as to colors, design motif, the imagery in the design, etc.  

Corporate logos, personal initials and monograms, even family photos can be incorporated via InFusion Art Glass' Carved Frit process.

Below are some samples to show you the kinds of things we can do...

Small Glass Shade Examples (7" x 8")

The wall sconce fixture is hand forged steel, finished in a choice of metal colors from bronze to burnished steel.  The fixtures are hand forged by modern American blacksmiths in Castleton,  Vermont.